Why I’m journaling daily for a month.

The month of June I have decided to set a few personal goals. One being I am eliminating coffee, which I’m not really a daily coffee drinker anyway, I prefer hot tea, and the other, I’m adding daily journaling.

First of all, I love journals and if you look through my book shelf or bed side table you will see about 6 at any given time. Did I mention I LOVE journals. All colors, lined and unlined, small and big, my favorite is my solid gold one. If I’m honest, I could say I collect them to look good, not to use. Anyone else have a passion for journals?

So, I decided its time to start putting these to use and journal everyday in the month of June. I plan to write down my daily thoughts, actions, lists, quotes, sayings, things the kids do that I want to remember. The way I plan to do it for those of you interested is to spend 30-45 minutes daily in the morning before my house gets crazy and put pen to paper. Thats it. I plan to writing down things from the prior day, current events and thoughts, and even future plans. With every thing thats going on right now in my life, I could use a daily journaling sesh.

I also plan to use this time with God to be honest and share my thoughts, prayers, concerns, and praises. I do read my Bible daily and spend a little time with Jesus but journaling is on my list of improvements. I try to journal in the mornings with my quiet time however, I do struggle. So this time with a little more time and intentionality, I pray I can accomplish this goal.

Blogging is a great way for me to put my thoughts down for others to read. Im a newly at blogging but I am having fun. I never knew that sharing your thoughts coulda be so fun. I’d love to start my own podcast, okay were getting off topic, but I feel my posts are a little too serious all the time and would love to put a little more flair and personality into what I talk about. Personality that can’t be read through a post, hence why the podcast. Okay, back to topic. Thoughts?

Since I’m giving up coffee in the mornings I will have my cup of green tea, a journal, and a quiet place. Wheres you quiet place? My quiet place is my living room. I have a special chair I love to sit in whether were gathered watching tv, I’m reading a great book, or Im sitting there writing a new post such as the case right now. A special place is necessary because it gives me clarity and helps me keep the area clean of clutter, Lord knows I can’t think when that happens. I want this place to be special because its where I will spend a lot of hours reading and writing. I also feel that God speaks to me here. Hearing from God is such an important aspect to a lot of the topics I discuss in my blogs.

Speaking of blogging, I would like to know how often you blog or publish posts. I started blogging about 6 months ago and ideally I like to blog one to two times a week. Most of my blogs are about faith, family, and life. Theres just something about being able to express yourself honestly, through your words, and not caring what others have to say. Its just you, God, and your thoughts. I love it!

Leave me your ideas or thoughts about journaling, if you journal, what kind of journal you prefer, and how often you journal. Share your thoughts regarding how journaling makes you feel. I think it would be fun to create a journaling club. As ladies we are always looking for a way to get together for coffee or tea. Grab a journal, a cup of Joe, and a pen. Play some relaxing music and write until your little hearts content with the option of sharing. Fun!

One more thing, what are some of your favorite journals to use? I buy the ones with motivational sayings on the cover, or  I choose the ones with really bright colors. The best ones I’ve found are at Marshall’s and Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. Can someone say clearance! Go out and buy a nice journal and just get started.

P.S.S. Follow me on Instagram and tag me in the pics of your journals. If this is a goal for you to I’d love to encourage and inspire you as well.

Heres to happy journaling.