What are some of the lies you are believing?

There are many things in life I wanted to be as a little girl. A doctor, a world traveler, a nurse. I became the latter, and I love what I do. A nurse brings so much life to others, and it makes me smile just to know that I can brighten others days by simply being present in their time of need. Speaking of nurses, Its Nurses Week. To all of you nurses reading this, You are Special!

As I’ve grown up, developed more of a relationship with Jesus, married, and had children, its been interesting to learn more about myself and the lists and thoughts that linger in my mind. Staying as positive as I can most of the time is my way of choice, but hey, we are all human and now and then lies and negative thoughts creep in and the enemy attacks. Yikes. Yes, he is lurking just waiting for you to have one of those days that you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and just dog dead tired. Relate?

As of recently, I am a work from home wife and mother raising my kiddos, they are all in school, with several activities, my daughter is graduating this month, my boys play basketball and each an instrument, and participate in basketball training 2 days a week as well. Not to mention, my daughter just started working and my husband works full time as well. Were in the process of looking for her a car, but lets just say that my part time job is mom’s taxi service. Okay, who else spends more than half their day in the car or driving to/from somewhere?

The last three weeks, I’ve been taking a ladies bible study at church and we are studying a book called Lies Women Believe. I love this title and that just resonated with me so much that I couldn’t pass up the study. Can I just tell you that wow, it is intense and the things I’ve learned in just a short time are really speaking to me. The book is broken down into chapters each labeled a different topic and lie of what we as women may believe past, present, or future. Currently we are on chapter five so I can only share with you she lies/truths up to this chapter. (You are more than welcome to purchase it for you and a friend. This would make a great coffee date discussion book.)

Let me give you the chapter titles to give you a few examples of some of these lies.

  1. Lies Women Believe About God
  2. Lies Women Believe About Themselves
  3. Lies Women Believe About Sin
  4. Lies Women Believe About Priorities
  5. Lies Women Believe About Marriage
  6. Lies Women Believe About Children
  7. Lies Women Believe About Emotions
  8. Lies Women Believe About Circumstances

A lie from chapter one Lies Women Believe About God you may believe is “God Is Not Really Good.” Have you ever struggled with this? The truth, God is good, and everything He does is good. We start thinking that God is only good when our circumstances are going our way, but the truth is He is good all the time no matter what we are going through. -Psalm 31:19

Another one from chapter one is “God’s Ways Are Too Restrictive.” The truth is Gods ways are best. I know there are times when I feel my way is best, how about you? No matter how hard I try, my ways don’t work out. I wonder why. Jesus always knows best and his ways are always for my good. He is so faithful. -James 1:19-27

From chapter two, Lies Women Believe About Themselves, one that I see and hear a lot about is “Physical Beauty Matters More Than Inner Beauty.”  I think as women we want to look good for our spouse, significant other, we apply make-up, we dress just right, we apply false eyelashes, lipstick, and so on. We obsess about our hair and take several pics to get the right one. Not that there is anything wrong with any of these, but when it becomes our #1 priority and we lose sight of God then it is a problem. Physical beauty is temporal and fleeting. -Proverbs 31:30

One last lie I will share with you is from chapter five, Lies Women Believe About Marriage, “It Is My Responsibility To Change My Mate.”  How many of us say, if only my husband would change such and such then we would get along better? I can say there are things about my husband that I would like to see change, however after discussions and knowing God makes each of us the way we are for a particular reason, it gives me great peace to know its not my job to change the way he is and vise versa. Here’s a quote from the book:

A godly life and prayer are a wife’s two greatest means of influencing her husband’s life. – 1 Peter 3:1-4

It is far more effective for a woman to appeal to the Lord to change her husband than to try to exert pressure on him directly. -Proverbs 17:1

These two verses really spoke to me as a wife because I want the best for my husband and want to keep Christ the center of our relationship. I pray the same for all of you momma’s out there who are married and searching for change.

So ladies, I pray you take some time to read through these lies/truths again and look up the verses. I know I only gave you a few but I do think they will give you some truth and peace. We have to fight for our families and build long lasting relationships in our homes keeping Christ at the center. God is so faithful and he wants to do amazing things in your life. Right now. Right where you are. Trust Him today. Pray and ask God to reveal any lies that you are believing to be true.

Love ya sister,



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  1. Hey Tyra! I love studying in various Bible studies. That said, I look forward to studying the Lies Women Believe next. I can relate to each one of these lies you mentioned. But I can rest in His truth. Awesome post!

    1. Hello Ana,
      Oh my goodness, Yes!! You will love this book as a study or just reading it alone. I am so thankful for this book, and there are so many lies I was believing for myself. Its refreshing to know that we can have new found hope in Jesus and keeping him the center of everything really gives a new perspective for our lives.
      Have a great weekend!