The power of I Am

Positive words have a powerful effect on the way you live your life. Daily affirmations will propel you forward in the direction of your dreams and goals. Let me tell you a story.

One day I was feeling quite tired and really overwhelmed. The house needed cleaning, laundry was piling up, and there were dished in the sink from last nights dinner. 

As I sat on the cough thinking my situation would be better if only I could have someone help me. Come and just take care of the laundry I could do the rest. A maid! Ha, thats it. I called my husband and told him how I was feeling and I needed help around the house. He listened to my sob story and then patiently replied, “sure babe, whatever you need.” Really. Wow. That was it. So after we hung up, I started calling a few friends of mine asking if they knew anyone who could spare a day and could use the extra money. No luck. Well, to make this story way shorter than it needs to be, I ultimately came to my senses.

What I really mean by that is God spoke to me and said “you need to prioritize your day. Spend more time with me in the morning and allow me to take away our feeling of overwhelm. Start with my presence in the mornings and ask me how to get things done for my glory.” I started to cry and thought how dare I call my hard working husband at work and ramble on about how my life is so horrible and I can’t catch up, and blah blah. It spoke to my heart and from that point, my perspective changed.

I started spending more time with Jesus in the mornings and putting everything else on the back burner. After all he created everything, so me spending more time with the creator can only make things that much more enjoyable, right. How right I was so right.

Before I felt like a mother that was unprepared, unqualified, unworthy, lazy, but I changed those thoughts to positive words of affirmations.

I am strong

I am qualified

I am powerful

I am worthy

I am courageous

am loved

I am prepared

I am loved

I am enough

These positive changed started as a result of me spending time with Jesus and allowing him to speak to me and lead me like never before. He is able to change your thoughts, your mood, your actions, your mindset. Everything can change.

Ladies, we wear so many hats on a daily basis such as a woman, wife, mother, friend, sister, encourager, church-goer, working mom, stay at home mom, and so, so much more.  Trust me when I say that positive affirmations and the power of I Am can affect all areas of your life. It takes balance. And… others may follow after you.

I encourage you today to make a list of I Am affirmations and speak life over then daily. Spend time with Jesus in the morning and ask him to reveal to you things that he wants you to focus on. You have so much potential inside of you that God is waiting to see you use and flourish into the woman he has created you to be.

These Bible verses will give you comfort in times you feel insecure or insignificant. I hope they bless you.

I am created in the image of God. Genesis 1:27

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

With God, I am the apple of his eye. Zachariah 2:8



P.S. Leave me a comment and let me know what your affirmations are for this year.

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