Gods goodness is not based on your current situation.


I wrote this blog post as a guest blogger for Lydia at believingtruthblog.com. I am honored to have the chance to write and share this post with all of you.


As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, believer of Jesus, and friend to many, I have to say that my life wasn’t always such a beautiful picture. Before I knew who Jesus was, my life was filled with disobeying, mistrust, dishonesty, partying, and truly a sinful lifestyle. I was brought up in church, however, my personal relationship with Jesus blossomed at a later age.

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A Small Glimmer of Hope


As a little girl I often felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. Moving from city to city quite often while living with my mother, I was always the new kid. Learning a new city, school, teachers, peers, and how to adjust mentally was not easy. I hated school and my grades showed as a result.

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