Join me for THANKSgiving


There are many things in life that we take for granted. I have to raise my hand here because I am guilty myself of taking daily situations for granted that I should be thankful for.

God says give thanks in Everything. Every situation. Every outcome. Every trial. Every questionable circumstance. But, That is hard to do. Have you experienced a situation where giving thanks was just not something you could or even wanted to do?

I believe that we should be thankful throughout the year not just on special holidays (being that tomorrow is THANKSgiving), so I put together a list of things that I am thankful for. The list will allow you to think about your current situation if you are saying to yourself you don’t have anything to be thankful for, as well as learn a few things about me.

I am thankful for:

My salvation- without it I would truly be lost.

Health- without it, I could not take care of my myself/family.

My husband- he is such a daily rock for me and my best friend.

Children- all 4 of them. Aged 25, 18, and twin boys that are 12.

The struggle of being raised by my mother in a single income household- I believe it has made me appreciate the value of $$.

Living in various parts of the country growing up- because of this I can appreciate other cultures and communities.


Teen pregnancy- my son and I are so close and this struggle brought me to Jesus at the age of 19.

Growing up biracial- I can appreciate how far interracial dating and relationships have come.

Having my first job a the age of 16- this taught me responsibility an kept me out of the streets.

Flunking out of college the first time around- I wasn’t ready and God was preparing me for something bigger.

Graduating from beauty school- It allowed me to make long lasting relationships (and make a little money)

Working at a factory for 8 years- now this taught me a lot. Getting up at 4:30am, working nightshift, standing on an assembly line all day. Keep me humble when I wanted to grumble.


Marrying at 25- I was ready for a family. Wholeness, togetherness, security, and safety.

The birth my twin boys- Oh my goodness! So much love here. As well as sleepless nights, frustration of figuring so much out, laughter, skepticism, hope, doubt we were going things right….I could go on.

Enrolling in Nursing school- When my twins were 18 months, I went back to school. Studied my butt off, slept what seemed like an hour a day, and graduated 3 years later with a 4.0 I nearly dropped out twice, but again, God had Bigger plans.

Divorcing after 9 years of marriage- my heart was broken, however, I kept my faith that again God was ordering my steps.

Raising children on my own, working full time, and scraping to make ends meet- Yes, all of this I can look back now and say “thank you Lord.” There was a message in what I thought was a huge mess.

Seeing my oldest son graduate from high school and college- as parents we want our kids to be healthy, happy, and do amazing things with their lives. I have watched God do wonderful things in my sons personal life as well as in his growing business. Catch up with his inspirational journey.


Each and every nursing job I have held- experience looks great on your resume

Remarriage- My wonderful husband that God has placed in my life who has helped me with so many aspects of life, raising step children, and being a huge father figure to my children. This process took awhile, however, God played a major key role in all of this as well. Daily prayers for this area as things do get tough from time to time.

Sleepless nights of raising a teenage daughter- boyfriends, mean girls, cheerleading, sports, tears, and her many decisions over what to wear while yelling at the top of her lungs. And at the same time watching her lead several friends to Christ. (my heart melts).

And now the mother of twin 12 year olds boys in middle school- Im thankful for their very individual styles and love of sports, science, and giving their mother hugs. Yea right.

Starting my blog- I have a passion for writing and encouraging others. You can read more encouraging thoughts here on my blog and by visiting my business page.

Creating my T-shirt line- This had been a journey for sure. I am loving my creative side and reminding others Whose they are, not who they are. All creations are listed on my website.


Notice, I keep saying Jesus. I give Him all the credit for my journey. The joy and the pain.

The gift of encouragement- this is huge a passion of mine. Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time.

Each and every one of you taking the time to read this post! – for believing in me.

And…my journey here is still being written. Many more things to be thankful for.

I encourage you to make a THANKSgiving list today. Leave me a comment below, I wold love to hear from you.

May your hearts and homes be full,


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