How we survive the summer months

back to school

It is that time again for the kids to go Back to School. Dare I say those words. I always dread this time because I actually enjoy them being home. We love to watch movies, visit parts and museums, travel, play games, and summer allows for extra time to just do nothing; and much more. Let me tell you a little about our summer vacation.

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How I can serve God through my marriage

Godly wife

In this day and age, there are plenty of women who feel they aren’t enough. The have insecurities with themselves, in their marriages, raising children, in their careers, and in the social and relationship world. I used to feel like I needed to compete with every single woman every time I walked out of the house. I would feel as though I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, I needed more make-up, or my clothes didn’t fit right. But, why would I feel this way when everyone else was telling me different. To be honest, their opinions and my opinion of myself didn’t match up. I was placing myself in this bubble God never intended me to be in.

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Trust Him In the Wilderness


The Wilderness can be a scary place to be especially if you are there alone, or worse, at night. If you’ve ever been camping far off from the main road, or on a long nature hike, this may be the closest you have come to actually being in the wilderness. The wilderness can be considered a place where there are very few others around and may give you a sense of solitude.

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We All Have a Gift

Untitled design-2

Life is full of questionable moments when we are not sure what direction our life is going. We stumble daily to find our true calling and even may start to believe that we have nothing to offer this world. I want to encourage you not to believe those lies and God made you just the way you are on purpose. He places things inside of you that only you can deliver to others, just the way you can deliver it.

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Finding Your Passion

Copy of God has a big assignment for you. Accept it and move forward in faith.

Have you ever wondered what you were really put on this earth for? Roaming aimlessly through each day feeling no real passion with you husband, kids, or career. Hoping the time will pass quickly so you can go home to your safe haven where you know no one can judge you of anything. I know I have and its not a very good place to be.

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How I Started My First Blog


I  have had a passion to start blogging for some time now, but wasn’t quite sure how to get started. From time to time, I would see myself with a successful blog and eventually a book.  Allowing readers into a piece of my mind was a scary thought and would paralyze me with fear.

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A Small Glimmer of Hope


As a little girl I often felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. Moving from city to city quite often while living with my mother, I was always the new kid. Learning a new city, school, teachers, peers, and how to adjust mentally was not easy. I hated school and my grades showed as a result.

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