Girl, you gotta get up!

Hey, I took a few weeks of and it felt so good. If you follow me on social media you can see what I’ve been up to this summer such as summer vacation and my business, but other than that, God is good.

So, I titled this blog, You gotta get up, because I have to be honest. Sometimes I need to be my own cheerleader and this is exactly what I tell myself. Ladies, have you ever felt like everything in life is just weighing on you and if the wind blows just right, it could blow you over. Lets talk…

My husband and I took a very much needed vacation this summer and it was so refreshing. You can go to my Instagram and see those if you’d like. We visited many places I’ve never been to, ate at so many different restaurants, and took in so many sights. Getting up and going whenever we wanted to was just a relief. Okay, I’ll say we did miss the kids but just the two of us was something we’ve never done. If you are married and have children, I highly recommend a little getaway just you and the hubby because its good for the soul. You will thank me later.

After we got back, I knew things had to get back to the normal sometime right? Preferably later than sooner, with latte in hand, sitting in my rocking chair, and gazing out over an open field of daisies. Oh, wait I’m dreaming, I wish. Ha.

I started thinking about early mornings again, lunches, washes loads of laundry on a schedule rather than when I wanted to, homework, band concerts, basketball practice, meeting teachers, PTO, and the list goes on. What was wrong with me. Why is this year any different than any other I thought to myself? Well, my daughter graduated in May and started beauty school this month so that was one less trip I’d have to make, but not really since she still didn’t have her own car. It was only the end of July and I was already thinking of what lied ahead.

Really, I just stopped and prayed Lord I know that you got this and I have nothing to fear. But, I’m human and I still do fear. I know that this year was going to be a great year for my boys starting the 8th grade. Yay!! My way of getting myself excited.

How many of you feel overwhelmed by the thought of all of this, plus working? I am a work from home mother and still have so much on my plate and there are days I want to skip all of that and just chill and watch Netflix. Have you seen that shirt some are wearing, Netflix and Chill. I guess referring to the weekend, but I was referring to a week of this. Okay, not really.

Ladies, we gotta get up! Stop believing the lies that satan is trying to tell us that we aren’t worthy. We are lazy. We are overweight. We are not pretty enough without makeup. We are not qualified for that job. We are not committed to our relationships and don’t deserve them. We are horrible mothers. If we only looked like a super model our husbands would love us more. If our houses were cleaners if the world can see, that would make us feel smooch better. Wow. I have definitely felt a few of these on nights we are in a hurry and I warm up left over pizza from the night before. Even though that is pretty good. Smile.

Erase all that and just stop! You are good enough. You are worthy. You are not lazy. You are pretty enough and qualified for that job and committed and all the above. We need to start looking at ourselves as Jesus sees us not as the world sees us. If we continue to look at tv, social media, magazines ect. to measure up we will never be good enough. Ever. Simple as that.

Love abounds from many places in our lives and its not usually from comparing ourselves to others we see on Instagram or face book or twitter or snapchat or any other platform. Whatever you use. We get Love from our Heavenly Father. Period. Let God’s goodness and grace shelter you and comfort you on days you feel like you can’t get up. Allow his love to surround you and be still. Know that things will be okay. Its okay to have off days as long as you don’t park there. Keep moving forward. He wants to give you so much more than you can imagine. 

So, let me end with this verse:

Ephesians 2:10

For we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.


Now remember, whatever you are faced with today, Gods got you. Girl, you gotta get up!

Love ya,


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