Five things that may prevent you from moving forward.

There are days I feel like I need a do-over, even though that’s not possible. Rushing out of the house, dropping the kids off at school, running errands throughout the day, back through the pick up lines, homework, dinner, baths, and bed. Geesh…I am tired just thinking about it all. I want to share with you five things that may be stopping you from moving forward.

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Finding Your Passion

Copy of God has a big assignment for you. Accept it and move forward in faith.

Have you ever wondered what you were really put on this earth for? Roaming aimlessly through each day feeling no real passion with you husband, kids, or career. Hoping the time will pass quickly so you can go home to your safe haven where you know no one can judge you of anything. I know I have and its not a very good place to be.

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A Small Glimmer of Hope


As a little girl I often felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. Moving from city to city quite often while living with my mother, I was always the new kid. Learning a new city, school, teachers, peers, and how to adjust mentally was not easy. I hated school and my grades showed as a result.

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