3 things that keep me motivated when I feel like quitting


Motivation can be hard especially during the summer months when you want to take the week off and and head to the beach. But, where I really struggle with staying motivated is during the school year when the kids are in school and all of their activities keep me hoping from one thing to another. Do they have their uniforms for practice? Who needs help with homework?  Is there a PTO meeting tonight? (I’ll be honest, I rarely make these.) And my daily prayer… Lord, please keep everyone healthy. Then there are the occasional late night trips to the store for those I-need-this-by-tomorrow items. Motivation can die quickly.

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How I Started My First Blog


I  have had a passion to start blogging for some time now, but wasn’t quite sure how to get started. From time to time, I would see myself with a successful blog and eventually a book.  Allowing readers into a piece of my mind was a scary thought and would paralyze me with fear.

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