Already feeling defeated this year, don’t allow the devil to win.

Here we are at the beginning of a new year, and for many of you I’m sure there’s a long list of things that you want to accomplish. New years goals are a great way to start of the new year, however sometime they can have you feeling defeated before you even get started.

Do you make goals based on your plans or have you spoken to God about these? One thing I say is that God will put things in your mind that you may feel are impossible. So therefore, you block these out and cross them of your list as those things that are “impossible.” But what if that is just the devil telling you that you aren’t good enough. He likes to make us feel that we aren’t worthy, or that what we feel God is speaking to us about is just a figment of our imagination. I would encourage you to seek God again.

Moving forward in faith is what it takes and when God speaks we have to be ready to listen. Especially if we are praying about a particular dream or goal…then we need to be prepared for an answer. But, wait.

One thing I must mention. God doesn’t answer prayers in the order we would like nor does he answer them how we wold like him to. He answers them if he desires and when he desires. All of the waiting period that goes into this is all for a purpose. We rarely know why this is the case however God does and one thing I do know is that he is working everything for our good. He is opening doors that we can’t even see closed. He is preparing the walkway that we may feel is already uncluttered. He is so good and is an all knowing God and that is why we need to trust him.

God says to count everything as Joy. Not half or a quarter, but All. 

This is not always convenient and we may feel its actually unfair. We may question God and feel as if he forgot about us. But let me give you some encouragement today. He knows every hair on your head, he knows every tear you have cried, and he knows every fear, worry, and doubt. He is an all knowing God. Nothing gets past him and in these dark, desperate times, turn to him the most.

Depend on his guidance more than the guidance of a best friend.

Best friends are great, however they don’t always know whats best for our lives. They can mislead us or end up telling us how they would handle a situation based on earthly, human feelings. We wont have all the answers and can’t see the future therefore end us basing decisions off of what we know. And more often than not, its not much. Yes, I am in this group as well. I am guilty of giving advice instead of offering a prayer to a friend.

Prayer is always the best answer. Consult the all knowing first. 

God is so good and only wants the best for us. If you are feeling defeated today, I want you to stop what you’re doing, and first thank God for what he has already given you. Then, ask him for guidance in your life and any areas that you may need to heal and get right with God. He will speak to you and let you know.

Keep an open heart to hear from God.

Friend, I’ve been there and still have moments that I am weak. We all do. This year I have decided to allow more time for Jesus and less time for myself. Consulting with the one who knows best first thing in the morning, allows my day to fall into place the way he would have it to, not me. When I leave tine for Jesus, my to-do list seems easier, faster, and the things that really don’t need to get done I feel better about leaving them for the next day.

Anxiety is not of God. Rest in his peace and assurance.

I created Life Wonderfully Designed to allow YOU to wear these tees and feel like you are good enough. Life gets crazy, work, kids, family, and everything else. But, I want to remind you that this race you are running is easier with God and in the end its all for his glory. Don’t allow the devil to win. Give everything over to God and he can handle it for you.

Everything we do let it be for the glory of God. Her Race His Glory!

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You are deeply loved,


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